As an entrepreneur running your own business, you know there are bumps in the road and struggles that both you and your business will face over time. However, with the right people and tools at your disposal, you can anticipate what’s coming, plan for it, and continue a growth plan for your business. From having the right business coach in Atlanta, GA, to a focus on long term strategic planning, there are some basics that every entrepreneur needs.

One of those basics is a Sustainable Growth Platform. To truly grow your business, you need to have a sustainable growth plan. But how do you know if your growth plan is sustainable or not? When you work with a business coach in Atlanta, you not only get the benefits of experience and insight, you have the opportunity to incorporate an Entrepreneurial Operating System or Sustainable Growth Platform.

These systems are focused on helping you strategize, execute, and control the growth of your business. Without a system and plan in place, growth – while exciting – can be strenuous. With a business coach in Atlanta, GA on one side and a Sustainable Growth Platform on the other to help support you and your business, you can’t go wrong.

So, what are some of the major ways that a Sustainable Growth Platform benefits you and your business? 

Consistency In Your Growth Plan

Having a system in place allows you to plan for and accommodate the growth your business needs. You’ll have a plan to help guide you through each stage of your company’s evolution, and ways to plan, prepare for, and deal with any issues that might come up. 

Growth Plan Profits 

It’s no surprise that when you have a sustainable growth plan in place, everything seems to run more efficiently and smoothly. As you’re able to focus more on the business, you’re likely to start seeing an increase in profits. Working out strategies with your business coach in Atlanta, GA ahead of time allows you to avoid setbacks and increase revenue. 

The Right People in the Right Roles

One of the huge benefits of a Sustainable Growth Plan or Entrepreneurial Operating System is that it helps you get the right people into the right roles. With the proper guidance and direction, you can make informed decisions on who to hire, when to promote, and when it simply isn’t working out with an employee.


Having a business coach to help hold you accountable to the steps laid out in your Sustainable Growth Plan benefits both you and the company as a whole. Not only do you have the steps laid out for you, but you also have the opportunity to have frank discussions about where things are falling short, what’s going well, and more. This accountability can help push your business forward unlike anything else.

Outstanding Organization

Whether you are an incredibly organized person or you struggle to keep everything straight, with an Entrepreneurial Operating System or Sustainable Growth Plan you get the tools and support you need to get – and stay – organized. Plus, you can help others in your company get things in place and organized, as well. The better organized you are, the more your company is likely to succeed.

When it comes to long-term strategic planning, you have to have the right pieces in place. A strong Sustainable Growth Plan or Entrepreneurial Operating System is the first step. Working with a business coach in Atlanta, GA such as Marc Borelli, you’re able to take your business to the next level easier than you ever expected.