Make your business the best it can be.

Can You Relate to Any of the Following Statements?

  • Do you know where your cash goes?
  • Do you know what levers to pull to improve your cash flow and profit?

What could you do if you had more cash and great profits?

  • Hire a new salesperson to boost sales
  • Start a new marketing campaign.
  • Pay yourself more.
  • Stop having to use a Line of Credit or Factoring

This program uses the globally recognized Power of One to get your business to generate more cash and profit

Who is this for:

If your business has over $2 million in revenue but struggles to generate sufficient cash flow or profit to meet your current needs or fund investment to take you to the next level, this program is for you.

We will identify ways to increase cash flow or profit based on where you are today and generate a plan for realizing those ways.

What you get:

  • Cashflow analysis shows your current performance.
  • Your most efficient way to improve cash generation.
  • 4-hour live virtual workshop to develop tactical steps and assign accountability to realize the projected gains.

The cost is $2,500.

Take advantage of this offer, which is 50% off the regular price of $5,000. There are only 3 slots left.



Marc is a great coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge to help people think differently about business issues and challenges. I’ve personally very much enjoyed working with Marc and would recommend you speak with him if you are looking for outside guidance and mentoring.

Elley Frost

President, CMSPI

Marc helped me grow in my leadership role and also assisted in building my executive management team. We were able to grow the company five folds in 5 years and sell it.

I highly recommend Marc Borrelli. If you are a business leader looking to grow your business, build your leadership team, and/or get your business ready for a transaction.

Anise Madh

CEO, Leanswift