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Remember, dreams not written down are just wishes. Almost every company runs into challenges at various growth stages. Are you experiencing:

  • Have a great vision, but you need help devising a road map to make it happen.
  • Want to increase revenue and profitability?
  • Feel like you are drowning in your business.
  • Don’t feel like you have the right team or talent surrounding you.
  • Want to get ready for exit or succession?
  • Want to have a lot more fun in your business?
  • Want more options, so you have the Freedom to do what you want?

Don’t worry; businesses face common problems at nearly every growth stage. We can help! Forget the thick, dust-covered strategy plan used to level your desk or prop the door open.


Discover sustainable success in business through the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth®.

Developed by Gravitas, this strategic business framework addresses every aspect of business operations while incorporating external content, tools, and principles. The 7 Attributes include Leadership, Talent, Strategy, Execution, Customer, Profit, and Systems. Experience the power of these attributes working together to create a cumulative impact.


Leadership: Authentic, Healthy, and Aligned

Get your leadership team on the same page with the Leadership Attribute. Start with the CEO’s intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being and extend it to the senior leadership team. Build an organization with a strong foundation by practicing “resilience rituals” and aligning on emotional, intellectual, and action levels.

A healthy leadership team is the cornerstone of a successful organization. Assess the effectiveness of your leadership by evaluating their authenticity, health, and alignment. Identifying specific indicators and metrics will provide valuable insights into your organization’s overall health and potential for growth.

Q: Is your team healthy & aligned?


Talent: A-Player Culture

Develop a culture of accountability with the Talent Attribute. Focus on Core Values to create an organization that delivers results. Implement the Talent Assessment Matrix to categorize team members and take necessary actions to build an A-player culture.

When evaluating your talent assessment process, consider factors such as enthusiasm, alignment with Core Values, and performance. Consistently assessing and managing talent will help create an executive team and organizational culture that drives success.

Q: Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team?


Strategy: Differentiate and Grow

Create a competitive edge with the Strategy Attribute. Understand your Ideal Core Customer and their value drivers to craft a highly differentiated and executable strategy. Build a strong cultural foundation and achieve “flow” to drive rapid and sustainable growth.

Evaluate your company’s strategy by considering its clarity, understanding of the competitive landscape, and alignment with culture and execution. A well-developed strategy will set the foundation for transforming your business into a top-performing organization.

Q: Can you state your unique value proposition & strategy in a sentence?


Execution: Turning Revenue into Profit

Balance strategy and tactics with the Execution Attribute. Implement six key elements to achieve superior execution: a strong cultural foundation, a strategic roadmap, measurable quarterly priorities, specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and a clear set of communication rhythms.

Focusing on the right priorities and implementing these elements will result in greater success, fostering a sense of joy and accomplishment among team members.

Q: Do your people and processes convert top-line revenue to strong bottom-line profit?


Customer: Delight and Retain

Focus on your Ideal Core Customer with the Customer Attribute. Develop a compelling Brand Promise and design an exceptional experience to delight your customers. Identify and address their problems to create long-lasting customer relationships.

Collaborate with team members who have direct contact with your best customers to uncover valuable insights and refine your customer targeting strategy. Design a customer experience flow that addresses the customer journey’s emotional and logical aspects, leading to increased customer satisfaction and business success.

Q: Does your customer life cycle drive revenue growth?


Profit: Fuel Your Growth

Boost your cash flow with the Profit Attribute. Optimize Profit per X, labor efficiency, and pricing strategy to create desirable options and make wise decisions for your business. Active profits are achieved through proactive leadership, differentiated strategy, a culture of accountability, disciplined execution, and efficient systems.

Focusing on three key areas – Profit per X, labor efficiency, and pricing strategy – will contribute to active profits and enable your business to grow sustainably.

Q: Do you have the cash to fuel your growth?


Systems: Scale Efficiently and Profitably

Build the right infrastructure with the Systems Attribute. Identify your company’s most important Core Processes and systematize them using lean principles, technology, and innovation techniques.

Begin systematizing Core Processes using a seven-step approach, prioritizing processes based on customer value creation and economic value generation. Focusing on talent acquisition and development, delivery of the Brand Promise, and financial data reporting will pave the way for efficient and profitable scaling.

Q: Do your systems enhance the customer value and experience?


Are you ready to transform your organization for sustainable growth and increased value?

Let’s start this exciting journey together!

Customized Solutions

Leveraging the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® framework and other methodologies, we will help you create a system that drives growth, generates profit, attracts great talent, and crushes its goals while allowing you to have more fun on the journey.

Our process

We will enable your leadership team to work together to build your company’s plan. For a plan to be executed, it requires three things: engagement, belief in, and accountability. If you get a plan from someone, no matter how good it is, it doesn’t have the three magic ingredients. Only by generating “their” plan will your team develop the engagement, belief in, and accountability to make it happen!

We take the role of guide, coach and teacher. Working with your team we help them build a solid foundation and a clear and differentiated strategy. We then develop the execution skills and accountability metrics to ensure it happens.

Foundation’s Day

  • Meeting with Leaders
  • Attributes of Growth
  • Execution Habits
  • Meeting Rhythms
  • Project Management
  • Set the Calendar

Annual Planning

  • Agile Growth Roadmap
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Profit
  • Meeting Rhythms
  • 1-2-1s
  • Set the Calendar

Quarterly Cadence

  • Strategy
  • Priorities
  • Alignment
  • Issue Solving
  • Team Health
  • 13-Weeks Sprint
  • Set the Calendar

Monthly Cadence

  • CEO 1-2-1s & 911s
  • Goals & Metrics
  • Issue Solving
  • Accountabilities
  • Team Learning
  • Set the Calendar


  1. Monthly programs pricing is based on an annual commitment.
  2. All programs can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  3. Virtual programs are available at lower costs.

I meet Marc Borelli at a Vistage event shortly after I joined Vistage. He was not the Chair of my group but that didn’t stop him from taking an interest in me and my company. Over the years I would reach out to him for advice and perspective. Several years later my Vistage Chair retired, Marc was asked to take over my group. I felt fortunate because by that time we had already developed a good relationship. I trusted his insight and feedback.

Naturally more soft spoken it never stopped Marc from asking the hard questions that needed to be ask so that we could sort out our thoughts and feelings. As a Vistage Chair he was always incredibly supportive, responsive, available, and insightful. I enjoyed his weekly newsletter and often found the articles and suggested podcast very timely. I feel that being a part of Vistage and being able to work with Marc helped my business to grow and thrive.

Karin Fields

CEO, MicroCorp

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