Financial Improvement

If you are running a small business, you know just how all encompassing its daily operations and administrative needs are. Managing details, people, banks, processes, customers, vendors, and everything else can keep you completely stuck in reacting, not planning strategy, and your passion.
Making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is your problem.
Robert Kiyosaki

Almost every company runs into challenges at various stages of growth. Including those who:

  • Don’t have the financial resources to expand.
  • Are always short of cash even though their business is growing
  • Don’t know how their business is doing because of its cyclical nature.
  • At making the profits they expect
  • Find it hard to know what items to focus on.

Don’t worry; there are common problems that businesses face at nearly every stage of growth. We can help! Forget the thick staring at financial statements looking for a hidden answer. Financial improvement comes from an understanding of your cash flow. What are the drivers of profit and cash flow in your business? What are the KPIs to be watched, both leading and lagging, across the company and by function. We work with companies to identify their Profit/X, which they can use to drive decisions in the organization and measure results. Also, what is the Critical Number for the next 13-week sprint and the current year!

Cash Flow!

Cash flow is the lifeblood of the company. Where to Improve?

We work with you and your team to analyze your working capital and see ways to improve it, whether that be through:

  • Improved Efficiency.
  • Reduced mistakes.
  • Changes to your business model.

What KPIs?

Every company needs to track KPIs to see where it is going and how it is doing. However questions arise about:

  • What KPIs are relevant?
  • What information should you and your team get daily, weekly and monthly?
  • How do you make sense of your financials statements?

We are here to help you answer these questions and minimize any surprises.

Marc is the best and he has vast experience in finance mergers and acquisitions and he knows how to run a business. . . . I give Marc Borrelli my highest recommendation.

Chuck Edmundson

CEO and Owner, A-1 Broadcast

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