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No “One Size Fits All!”



We customize our approach to your situation to ensure that our solutions meet your needs. While our solutions are customized, they are based on proven methodologies that drive results.  We plot the course, then get to work and help where required.Working with you and your team to develop carefully planned strategies and incremental execution, we will empower you (and your team) to unlock the full potential of your business.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Do you have a problem you can’t solve on your own? We’re here to help.

Our Service Offerings

Strategic Planning &
Business Coaching

You’re ready to build a resilient, highly functional organization. It’s time for clarity, accountability and a plan to achieve your business goals.

Financial Improvement

You’re ready to get a handle on the financial aspects of your business? Now is the time to improve your cash flow and profit so that you can fund your growth and dreams. We can help!

Systems & Operations

Organizational design, process improvement, system implementations, customer experience. You name the issue you’re struggling with — we’ve here to help to solve it.

Peer Groups

Tired of struggling alone. Want a group of Peers to challenge you, hold you accountable, be a sounding board, and provide advice. Your Vistage membership awaits you.

We make you the HERO!

  • Start with your vision.
  • We all plot the course.
  • We are your guide, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching.
  • We partner to get it done, you are not on your own.
  • When you get there, our job is done and you are the hero!

Kaizen Solutions’ execution creates value and success faster.

I joined Vistage a little over three years ago to help me learn more about what it takes to run a successful business let me just say that my experience with Vistage has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Chuck Edmundson

President & Owner, A-1 Broadcast

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