If you are a CEO or key executive who has come to a crossroads or crisis in your career, you’ll gain valuable insights and solutions from a peer group connection more than anywhere else. But what is a peer group, and how can that statement be made with so much conviction? 

Using the Vistage Model with Marc Borrelli as Chair, business leaders from all industries and backgrounds are immersed in an environment that genuinely fosters developmental growth in work and life. CEO peer groups and groups for key executives meet regularly to engage with one another on the issues that only those in the same positions can understand. Through critical thinking and shared expertise, all discover new ideas that allow them to grow and prosper – personally and professionally. 

What Is A Peer Group With Vistage? It’s A Support System For Those At The Top

There are benefits to forming a peer group connection not found anywhere else. CEO peer groups exist because there is no one to turn to for help without them. Subordinates, family, friends – all of these people have a reliance on you, as you may have on them. This complicates matters when you require the kind of stimulation for growth that comes only from hard, unbiased truths. 

You may wonder how anything can get done when you violate the “too many chiefs” proverb. Still, the Vistage Model of peer coaching groups involves an entirely different kind of rivalry. With a genuine peer group connection, we do indeed challenge each other’s assumptions, destroy one another’s hubris, and engage in confrontational conversations (or rather, ‘care’frontational), but it’s meaningful and without any agendas. Each individual is their own rival; the members are different versions of you with valuable advice designed to uplift.

The Value Of Peer Coaching Groups 

It may be difficult for some leaders to admit it, but being at the top by definition implies they can benefit the most from support – it’s a long drop if they fall. Besides, CEO peer groups with Vistage offer a lot of value. 

Not only do Vistage members on average outperform their non-Vistage peers by 2.2x revenue growth and have higher profit margins, but they are immediately exposed to a network of 23,000 executives worldwide. Add to that the proof of success in our program demonstrated by the average five years top executives stay with Vistage, and the overall value cannot be quantified.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely At The Top

Explaining what a peer group is is easy; the challenge is experiencing one. However, additional growth in business and life (for those who have already reached the top) requires challenge and an environment for cultivation. Discover your full potential with help from Vistage Chair Marc Borrelli.