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If you feel like your business is running you, you are not alone.



As a business owner, entrepreneur, or CEO, you have the passion and will to succeed.

You’ve done it. You’re growing. You’re succeeding. Well done!

But even when business is good, it can be overwhelming, and when it is bad, it is awful.

  • The growth you are realizing brings with it complexity and confusion.
  • The economy is unpredictable, people are frustrating, and cash flow management is challenging.
  • Growth brings stress, frustration, and doubts—in yourself, your team, and your future.

You are not alone.

Help is on the way! Learn how to operate in “the zone” – where you do well without doing more. In the zone, everything flows. Challenges are invigorating instead of overwhelming. Pressure transforms into the flow, and you feel unconstrained by time and resources.

Learn how to do well without doing more.

Owning a business can be fun again.

As a guide and coach, we help business leaders, individually and collectively, navigate the struggles, confusion, and complexities of growth.

So be like a world-class athlete and get a business coach to help you get what you want.



We guide, teach and coach our clients so that they can realize their dreams and ambitions for their lives and businesses. When they achieve their goals, they have succeeded and become a “HERO.” We always want you to be the Hero.

The key things we deliver are

  • Profitable Growth.
  • Team Alignment.
  • Process and Systems that support Growth.
  • Financial Performance that drives positive cash flow.
  • Create Value so owners have more options!

Don’t do it alone, it doesn’t have to be this hard!

Who are our Clients?

We serve companies with revenues from $1.5MM to $200MM that are seeking to:

  • Grow
  • Transform
  • Improve financial results; and
  • Whose owners want to escape the “Owners Trap.”


Who are we?

Kaizen Solutions is run by an experienced business leader whose passion is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed. We develop deep and lasting relationships with our clients, sharing their mission, vision, and accountability for results.

So, your goals become our goals.

Our mission is simple:

“To provide you and your team the tools and support you need to thrive and unlock the full potential and value of your business.”

Or, as we say,



Marc’s become of my closest and most trusted advisors. Effectively coaching and moderating a group of CEOs, carefully navigating their issues and personalities to help them overcome the various obstacles they face is no small feat, I imagine – yet Marc does so seemingly effortlessly. Marc’s a natural conversationalist and can quickly create an environment of trust and respect that allows you to feel confident in sharing issues. He’s also great at guiding you to finding your own solutions – and is willing to hold you accountable for taking action on them.

Dave Currie

Chief Executive Officer, Winmo

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

We provide support and help.

Running a business is complex and often very lonely. We support our clients, groups, and network through compassion and unconditional support. However, we hold you accountable for your commitments.

You are the hero

In our story, you are the Hero. Our role is to work with you and your team as a guide, coach, and teacher, providing the necessary tools and resources so that you will succeed in your mission. When you succeed, you are the Hero, and our story improves.

Be humble, hungry, and smart.

We know we don’t know everything, so we aren’t concerned about ego or status. We are always seeking more things to do, to try, to learn, and value to create.

Flexible, agile, and continuously improve

The world is unpredictable and constantly changing. To succeed, we need to be flexible, agile, and continuously improving; that is why we are named Kaizen. Our improvements are often implemented incrementally, but through that, success comes faster.

Learn, Grow, Apply

We believe that “Learning has no age limit,” so you always need to be “a student,” pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to grow continuously. Value is realized when you apply your new knowledge, even though you may not get it right the first time!​

Create Value for Everyone, Constantly

We seek to create value at every opportunity for everyone, not just paying clients.

Marc Borrelli, CFA

Marc is passionate about helping people and businesses unlock their potential. His 30 years of professional experience in strategy and mergers and acquisitions make him a guru at helping small and medium businesses worldwide achieve their goals.

As a Gravitas Impact Business Coach, he leverages a proven process and framework to make complex concepts so clear that they become part of its foundation. His work covers all business growth stages and needs, including strategic planning, business transformation, and financial improvement.

As a Value Builder Coach, he leverages a proven process and framework to grow the small business’s value so that the owners have more options, and thus freedom. His work enables owners to have the Freedom of Scaling Up, Stepping Down from day-to-day management, Selling the business, or passing it onto heirs or employees.

As a Vistage Chair, he leads business leaders and senior executives in his groups to be the Business Leaders They Want to be Through more Freedom, Time, Money, by Greater Innovation, Peer Contribution, and Camaraderie.

I help business owners and CEOs think strategically, and then help them execute to achieve their goals.

Marc Borrelli, CFA

Principal, Kaizen Solutions LLC

Our Strategic Partner Community

One of our greatest strengths come from the wonderful community of service providers that Marc has developed. They are all excellent. If there is a problem that you have and we cannot solve it, we will happily introduce you to a strategic partner who can.


Interested in joining our community? We would be happy to connect

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I can’t speak highly enough about Marc. He is knowledgeable he’s he really truly cares. He’s helped us tremendously with purpose culture. He really made us think about stuff that I wouldn’t have thought about before.

Dave Hollister

CEO, Level 7 Management Services

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