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Peer Groups


The Vistage Model

Vistage connects the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses. Members gather to share expertise, challenge one another to think critically, and arrive at better decisions. With Marc’s expert guidance, his Vistage groups provide a no-nonsense environment where members “get real” about what it takes to grow and prosper in business and life.

  • Vistage member companies grow 2.2x faster than average small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, According to a 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data.
  • Top executives stay with Vistage for more than 5 years on average
  • More than 23,000 business leaders worldwide rely on Vistage today

We all need a group of Peers to challenge us.

People’s lives are a direct reflection of their Peer Group.
Tony Robbins

Here is a letter Marc sent to his Vistage Group in March 2020 as an example of some of the value provided.

Many business owners, regardless of the size of their companies, experience the following issues:

  • It is lonely at the top, and you have no one to talk to.
  • Everyone who provides you advice has an agenda.
  • You want people to hold you accountable, but who understand what a leader being is like.
  • You want to benefit from others’ experiences, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • You want the Honest, Hard Truth about your plans, strategies, and actions.
  • You believe you have to cut your own path even though it is inefficient because relying on others diminishes your success.

Join a group of Business Leaders who are experiencing what you do and will help you only if you help them.

I have been fortunate to have Marc as a Vistage Chair and coach over the last several years.  Through Marc’s broad business experience and objective view of my law firm’s practice, he helped us identify specific areas that increase our value to our clients and to our firm, and provided invaluable insights into tactics to make us more efficient and productive.  As a coach, Marc goes beyond just making suggestions to make our business better.  Marc utilizes a variety of tools, technology, and exercises that have helped us define our mission and strategy, and which provide a game plan to make us successful.  Through our work together, I greatly value Marc as a trusted friend and an advisor vested in our success.

Jim Demetry

Partner, Demetry & DeCarlo

Ready to become a better leader and grow your business? With Vistage you will:



Monthly confidential meetings with 12+ high-caliber, non-competitive business executives who will challenge assumptions and find out what is limiting your success.


Your Vistage Chair, who facilitates your group meetings, will also meet with you one-on-one to hold you accountable for meeting your goals.


At your meeting you have speakers present a half day session providing education and training for members. These speakers are from Vistage’s stable of over 500 world class speakers.


Extend your reach with access to 23,000 executives world-wide so you can get as much unbiased feedback as possible on your business challenges. In addition, Vistage has over 20 Special Networking Group focus on different areas, e.g., Women Owned Businesses, Construction, Manufacturing, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Which Group Is Yours?

CEO Group
Do you lead an organization with revenues from $2MM to $60MM and want to succeed? Join Marc’s diverse CEO Vistage group.

  • It meets monthly for a full-day group session;
  • The group hosts up to eight world-class speakers every year;
  • Members receive one-to-one coaching from Marc during the month;
  • You have access to 17k+ other CEOs through the Vistage online community, and amazing content; and
  • Receive unbiased feedback from fellow members who will help you, if you help them.

Learn more…

Key Executive Group
The Vistage Key Leader group is for executives and senior managers who report directly to the C-suite — in particular, those who are key to the organization’s success plan. Key Leaders meet monthly for full-day meetings and host eight expert speakers per year. With Marc’s guidance, members focus on executive development and business problem solving. Members work in accountability triads. Many of these members go on to become CEOs. Learn more…
Marc approached us and said you know why you and your team don’t do your pitch to the group and we’ll get your feedback. I jumped at the opportunity. It was horrible and we ended with great feedback. With that feedback, we ended up winning the contract, and a lot of that I have to thank Vistage for.
Dave Hollister

CEO, Level Seven Facilities Management

The ROI on my Vistage investment has been significant. I greatly value the ongoing business learnings, speaker content, and group camaraderie. But where I’ve benefitted the most financially is the result of the deep knowledge and broad networks of my Vistage Chair and fellow members. In two instances, I was facing an unanticipated crisis (an internet hack and a legal challenge) and the connections through my group saved me from significant losses of money and time. Without my Vistage network, I would have been Googling to find support providers. Instead, I had the benefit of pre-vetted professional support within a 24-hour timeframe in situations where a quick response was essential.
Mollye Rhea

President and Founder, ForMomentum

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