Marc was my business coach and Vistage chair during a critical time in my company’s evolution. His experience working with all types of companies makes him a veritable encyclopedia of business strategies. Having Marc on my side gave me the confidence to sell a large portfolio of properties at a great price, a move that led to an inflection point at ATC. He led me in a Socratic question-and-answer way until I understood fully what I needed to do. Marc is smart, friendly, and caring. I value deeply Marc’s friendship and would not hesitate in asking for his advice in the future.

Woody Belangia

CEO, ATC Development

Marc has become of my closest and most trusted advisors. Effectively coaching and moderating a group of CEOs, carefully navigating their issues and personalities to help them overcome the various obstacles they face is no small feat, I imagine – yet Marc does so seemingly effortlessly. Marc’s a natural conversationalist and can quickly create an environment of trust and respect that allows you to feel confident in sharing issues. He’s also great at guiding you to finding your own solutions – and is willing to hold you accountable for taking action on them.

Dave Currie

Chief Executive Officer, Winmo

Marc Borrelli is an insightful strategist and coach. We have worked with Marc for over five years on financial forecasting, strategic planning, and talent management. Marc’s knowledge of and experience with a variety of different businesses means that he brings a broad perspective to sustaining and growing a business. Clients will benefit from Marc’s informed and practical guidance.

Karl Haden Ph.D.

President, AAL

I have been fortunate to have Marc as a Vistage Chair and coach over the last several years.  Through Marc’s broad business experience and objective view of my law firm’s practice, he helped us identify specific areas that increase our value to our clients and to our firm, and provided invaluable insights into tactics to make us more efficient and productive.  As a coach, Marc goes beyond just making suggestions to make our business better.  Marc utilizes a variety of tools, technology, and exercises that have helped us define our mission and strategy, and which provide a game plan to make us successful.  Through our work together, I greatly value Marc as a trusted friend and an advisor vested in our success.

Jim Demetry

Partner, Demetry, DeCarlo & Coffman LLC

Marc approached us and said you know why you and your team don’t do your pitch to the group and we’ll get your feedback. I jumped at the opportunity. It was horrible and we ended with great feedback. With that feedback, we ended up winning the contract, and a lot of that I have to thank Vistage for.
Dave Hollister

Chief Executive Officer, Level Seven Facilities Management

I meet Marc Borelli at a Vistage event shortly after I joined Vistage. He was not the Chair of my group but that didn’t stop him from taking an interest in me and my company. Over the years I would reach out to him for advice and perspective. Several years later my Vistage Chair retired, Marc was asked to take over my group. I felt fortunate because by that time we had already developed a good relationship. I trusted his insight and feedback.

Naturally more soft-spoken it never stopped Marc from asking the hard questions that needed to be asked so that we could sort out our thoughts and feelings. As a Vistage Chair, he was always incredibly supportive, responsive, available, and insightful. I enjoyed his weekly newsletter and often found the articles and suggested podcasts very timely. I feel that being a part of Vistage and being able to work with Marc helped my business to grow and thrive.

Karin Fields

Chief Executive Officer, MicroCorp

Marc has been a great coach and mentor for me as my company has gone through a tremendous amount of change in the last 4 years, including the sale of the business to an ESOP, the many ups and downs of getting the team aligned and with timely advice on how to retrench and fortify the business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ken Fee

Chief Executive Officer, Business Technology Architects

Marc is an outstanding business coach. His personal business experience and extensive coaching experience combine to create a truly valuable resource. He is the advocate we all want when running a business — carefully pushing you to tackle your problems when you need it, while reminding you to take care of yourself and your family in the meanwhile. Highly recommend!

Meg Hellerstedt

President, Sylvane

I have known Marc for about a decade, and for more than half of that, I have looked to Marc as the most trusted business and financial advisor that I have.  Whether helping me directly with business valuations for ownership changes or leading a Vistage peer group with other business owners, he has provided value and guidance at critical times.  And as a Vistage member, Marc would spend one on one time and provide an extra set of eyes on my financial results, seeing problems as well as opportunities when I was too deep in the weeds to realize they were there.  I would highly recommend working with Marc if you are a small business owner who makes all of your own operational and financial decisions without a seasoned mentor in your corner.

Derek Griffin

President, Speartek